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Tips to Attract Producers

Pro Tip: Start with a logline

By Jen B.


Writers often wonder about how to write a screenplay that will get you a good producer? Where can they sell their screenplay? Most importantly is it hard to sell a screenplay?

Well there is one answer to these questions and that is the quality of your script. Each and every day new writers emerge from within us but all of them do not make it to the final stage. The reason is the weak script that is unable to standout. A writer needs to focus on some specific points so that a producer is unable to reject a script.

Before starting off any script ponder over the fact that where can I sell my screenplay? Once you have figured it out than start jotting down your ideas. Your ultimate goal is to impress the producer.

Now coming to the point that what do these producers want in your screenplay?

Here are some tips that will help you persuade the producer to choose your script over others.

1) High Quality content

The content matters the most so work really hard on the script. Bring new ideas to the table that impress the audience. Most of the screenwriters these days forget to focus on a well written screenplay. No matter what genre you choose or what sort of story you have in mind, always remember a good screenplay will always have more weight. Most of the producers look for a fresh new story that will address some new issues. Having the same genre as another story is acceptable however not being able to generate high quality content will be an issue.

So in the end it comes to the strong theme of your script that attracts a producer. The screenplay evaluation done on the producers end reveals that whether the content should be selected or not.

It’s not enough to add exotic locations, amazing characters and plenty of stunts, you will always need satisfactory content. When your script is great than it will surely make its place in the system.

2) Limit the Budget

Producers don’t usually like spending a huge sum on films. Especially if you are a newcomer than no producer would risk investing a lot in your work. Therefore keep the budget in mind and don’t stretch too much. Avoid unnecessary digital effects, extra people, dangerous stunt work and far away locations. Limit your ideas and script according to the average range of a producer. People prefer scripts that require least investment because it reduces the risk involved.

Nowadays most films mention their budget as well so have a good look at that. Use this information to find the minimum value that you will require for the completion of your film. Before stepping foot into this industry try doing some backend research on the budget of films. That way you gain more clarity about you want to do and how you want to do it. Remember keeping your budget as less as possible will attract more producers. So try writing simpler scripts that can be easily created.

3) Impress the producer

Your script isn’t the only thing that the producer will notice, he will also judge your personality. No one likes to work with a stubborn person so try to have a cheerful personality. A flexible person is given more preference than a rigid one. Since both producer and writer will spend a great deal of time together so it’s important that both these people can get along.

Once you’re called by the producer than it is not the script that being judged, it’s you and your personality that’s going to be observed. So don’t be too reserved neither to open, have a nice attitude.

Be open to change and ready to accept criticism in the best way possible. They will see whether you can cooperate and collaborate with various people. Therefore keep your ego in check and handle yourself gracefully.

Focus on one Genre

Producers have to serve the audience so they prefer to have a script based on one genre. Hardly any producer wants a mixture of different genres. So write something that pleases the audience otherwise no producer will give a second thought about your incredible script. Most of the times comedy, science fiction and suspense series do much more business than other topics.

Coming up with screenplay ideas for these fields is way easier. Therefore, spend some time on deciding about your genre and decide wisely. Don’t rush into things, instead focus on why you want do something and whether you are able to do it. Giving the audience a mixture of different genres proves to be a risky move that may land you in trouble with the producers. Of course doing what you like matters but when it comes to producers than its better not to experiment too much. Once you land the right genre than getting a producer becomes easier.

Limit the Budget

5) Don’t demand too much

No producer likes a greedy screenwriter. Of course you have put in hard work and sweat into this script so you deserve to get rewarded in return. Still try keeping a low figure in mind for the starting phase so that the producer starts to like the idea of working with you. After all who doesn’t want to produce a series in minimum budget?

Once you build connections and your work is out in the open, producers will surely come to you. So charging less for the first time can help you get more work.

Getting producers is not an easy job, you need to work really hard to get in the good books of creators. Your writing should reflect clarity so that no one has to put in extra effort to understand what you want to convey. These 5 simple steps can assist you in landing a great deal so instead of worrying unnecessarily, try to follow these guidelines.  In the end the producer will decide whether you are in or out so give a lot of thought before meeting someone. Hope these points will guide you on how to impress makers.

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